QTS Numeracy

QTS Numeracy Skills Test Changes

Previously all trainee teachers had to pass the numeracy skills test before achieving Qualified Teacher Status but from 2013/2014 all applicants for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) must pass the numeracy skills test before the start of their course.

ITT providers will use skills tests results to inform their decisions so applicants are strongly advised to take the tests as soon as possible after submitting an application.

What’s in the QTS Numeracy Test

The QTS Numeracy Skills Test involves Mental Arithmetic, General Arithmetic and Statistics.  The contents of each of these areas are as follows:

Mental Arithmetic

Fractions, Ratio and Proportion, Decimals, Percentages, Time, Money.

General Arithmetic

Decimal Numbers, Metric System, Areas, Volumes, Scales, Algebra, Linear Equations.


Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Graphs, Scatter Graphs, Frequency Tables, Histograms, Cumulative Frequency, Box and Whisker Diagrams.

Why most applicants fail

Lack of knowledge, pressure of time and a general phobia of maths are the main reasons for failing the QTS Skills Test.

How I can help you

I have successfully tutored ITT applicants through the QTS Numeracy Test.  I can help you revise all the maths topics you are required to know for the QTS numeracy test and together we can work through mock QTS tests to make sure you are 100% prepared on the day.

For more information or to request QTS tuition, contact me.

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